Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Level 66

Dinged 65 and 66 over the weekend in Warcraft. I played more than usual, but I felt like a good part of why I progressed two levels was soloing the Terrokar quests. That place just feels like condensed experience. While questing in Zangermarsh I felt like that zone dragged it's feet horribly. Too many quests asking you to run from one end of the marsh to the other, not enough quests happening in the same place. Terrokar questing is just laid out intelligently, and you're able to solo everything until you get to the Bone Wastes. So when my buddy was on we quested together in Nagrand (really all we finished was the Nesingwary quest line, but that is a LONG quest line), and when he wasn't online I either worked on Scryer/Consortium rep or quested in Terrokar.

I also ran Mana-Tombs for the first time. That makes 5 BC instances that I've run, and each of them I've only run once. It's interesting as I've had set people that I run instances with for so long, and I'm making a concerted effort to LFG all of the instances now. Heck, the people I ran with before would probably have no interest in helping anyhow but I'm interested in watching how different people play. As expected so far, most of the LFG groups are pretty poor as far as knowing how to play their class but you get an occasional gem in there. I'm really impressed with the new LFG tool and I've come to the realization that the only thing holding it back at this point is too few people bothering to use it.

The last boss in Mana-Tombs dropped his ring which was actually a minor upgrade for me. I wasn't going to roll as there was another rogue in the group who it would have been a huge upgrade for. He'd already gotten his blue in the run (leather boots) but I didn't think anybody else would be rolling on the ring and I figured I'd rather help him get a huge upgrade than worry so much about a minor stat upgrade for me. In the end, we had to grab a hunter close to the last boss and I realized he'd probably roll on it (he did) and a not very good warrior also chose to roll on it (he won). This was the same warrior who started the run by announcing he didn't like to tank and would only do it if "forced" to. Not only didn't he like it, he was really bad at it.

Again, kind of a culture shock after being in a guild where everybody naturally gravitated towards the most effective raid specs without being asked. The other rogue in the run was pretty bad too, he seemed to think he was a damage king but I was a bit too busy worrying about cc'ing the mobs that our non-tank let run to the healer to notice his damage.

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