Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Angry white guy

It's hard to write about something like this without coming across as completely emo. At any rate, I always found it odd how much I related to the book and movie Fight Club. See, if you listen to the highbrow reviewers they'll mock anybody who relates too much to the characters for multiple reasons. One of the reasons (which is valid) is that the characters have a need to be angry, even though they don't have a reason to be angry.

See, people think that the middle class white guys have no right to be angry. It's true, really. I don't think of myself as angry anyhow, but that's not the part of Fight Club that really clicked with me. It's more the discovery that I've become just another consumer, that I've somehow not come close to becoming that which I one day dreamt of being.

It's not anger, it's disappointment in yourself. No reason to be angry about it, but confusion seems a fair enough result. I guess at the end of the day it's a matter of how you cope with it. Do you accept it and move on, or do you look closer and try to figure out the why of it, and figure out if it's something you can live with or if changes need to be made?

Fuck it, I was right the first time. That sounds really emo.

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